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This wide-range application massage is administered all over the body with full palms of both hands to increase body tone, elevate blood circulation, dissolve body pain and also to relieve tension in all muscles of the body.
Hands and feet are used on the body in what is a unique combination massage of kerala. It is highly desirable and seductive for general comfort, maintaining and increasing flexibility of the body. It is highly rated for its positive effect on muscle and circulatory stimulation, however it should not be used on individuals who suffer from chronic joint and bone problems.
For individuals who suffer from obesity, hemiplegia, paralysis, and impaired circulation, the powder massage has an enlightening, positive effect, whereby the therapist would use specially selected herbal powders.
This distinguished technique of kerala massage is used for general relaxation and for having a positive effect on flexibility, deep muscle and circulatory stimulation. The therapist uses both hands and feet on the body. This massage should not be used on those who suffer from chronic joint or bone problems.
As selected herbal oils, medicated milk or buttermilk are poured over the forehead in a rhythmic strategy, stress, insomnia, headache, mental illness, and even some types of skin disease melt away. This massage is also effective in improving memory function of the mind.
Does your face look darkened with blemishes, scars and dark circles? Does your face leave you feeling with lower dignity and self-confidence through lack of presentation? Do you need a facial lift? Then through the usage of a mask of herbal powders and fruits, combined with a massage of the face, you will be brightened in complexion and facial appearance.
By focusing on acute points of the shoulder and the back region, stiffness and pain slowly but assuredly melt away. This massage is very helpful to those who suffer on long flights and travelling.
Working from the upper thighs to lower feet, water retention, tiredness and pain in the legs are greatly reduced to bring ease and comfort, especially when one has been travelling on long journeys.
Relieving stiffness and healing neck pain are the special results of this massage. Circulation and flexibility of the targeted areas are also improved.
When this oil massage is administered to the head, stress is reduced. Sleep, circulation and hair growth are also elevated.
Working through various sections of the face with a saffron cream, you will be left with a glowing complexion and relaxed nerves.
The entire body is worked on with two pairs of hands at the same time for higher quality results.
A full body work-up is conducted through the usage of two pairs of hands and one foot to leave one feeling invigorated.
For relaxation of the nerves by fine tuning chemical neurotransmitters, stress and mental tension elimination, as well as overcoming sleeplessness, this massage works wonders. A massage is conducted full-on over the whole body for 1 hour, followed up in combo by a sirodhara that lasts for half an hour.
This special combination of whole body massage for 1 hour, followed up with the punch provided by a steam bath for a quarter of an hour, gives knock-out relief for musculo skeletal weakness, pain, and stiffness. It is also known to widen energy channels and bring calm and suppleness to the body.
This massage produces the same results as the abyanga swedanam. However, the abyanga swedanam is a dual combination massage, whereas the padabhyangan swedanam works as a triple combination massage. A whole body massage is administered for half an hour, followed by the known tradition of a foot massage for half an hour and the previously mentioned steam bath for one quarter of an hour. This massage is certain individuals produces even better results.
Relaxing in the environment of a cabin constructed of medicinal wood, one lies in a herbal steam bath for maximum comfort, relief of aches and pains.
For 20 minutes, an specific part of the body is immersed in warm medicated oils, with a follow-up of applying herbal leaves and powders fused together into a block. This technique is powerful for curing individuals with chronic conditions, as well as providing relief to sports injuries, muscle stiffness, joint stiffness and arthritis.
A medicated steam is breathed in for relief from the common cold, sinus problems, other respiratory problems.
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